Hi there! I’m Lauren, a social media strategist and OG style blogger.

I'm a woman of many hats: Wife, Mom of 3, Dog Lover, Scientist, and the Queen of Dresses. My true passion is to help other creators and brands find their real, authentic energy.


I was once working in healthcare in Dallas, TX. It felt like a dream career. Until it... wasn't. 

After graduating in healthcare and landing my first job, I thought I had made it. I was finally working in healthcare. After a little bit of experience in my field though, I realized I was missing the creative side of my life. Over the last 10 years, I have worked in healthcare and been able to have a career in content creation, style blogging, and video creation. My journey in this realm has been documented over on my lifestyle website, Lauren Virginia Co. Then enter Covid. As I worked tirelessly trying to help save lives during the pandemic, I realized that I was putting too much energy into something that wasn't bringing me joy. I decided to take a leap of faith and take on my real passion full time; content creation. It feels like a dream that I get to wake up every day and create as well as educate others on how to create and build authentic brands! 

I finally found my purpose; helping brands and creators show up on social media authentically.

What started as a side hustle and a creative outlet, turned into my true passion and "why" in what I work for. Social Media lacks real-ness and authentic discussions, and I am determined to bring that back! I went from having just a fun activity all to myself while I navigated mom life and working in healthcare, to realizing that I'm good at authentic social media, and I can help others navigate the space too.

Whether you're a brand wanting to show up authentically online, or a creator wanting to know what works and what doesn't on your account; I've got you. I spend a lot of time (ok...too much time) studying and interacting on social media and with short form video; and I know what works. Let's create some real, authentic, energy together!

I'm a woman of many hats: Wife, Mom of 3, Dog Lover, Scientist, and the Queen of Dresses. My true passion is to help other creators and brands find their real, authentic energy.

Top: My beautiful family. Left, I am the Queen of Dresses. Right: My dog child, Tucker!


Lauren is the founder of RAE Media. She's an OG style blogger who is a social media and short form video nerd. She hopes to be known for bringing a level of real, authentic, energy to social media while helping brands and creators show up in the same way.




I am the queen of dresses. I own about 100 dresses and counting. Everyone looks put together in a dress.


I grew up a competitive swimmer and swam Division I in college. I live for the water!


I'm a mom of three kids; 1 boy and 2 girls. We love to go on walks and eat free samples at Costco together.


My favorite thing to do for date night is order take-out and snuggle up on the couch to watch a movie. I'm a homebody!

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence

Half Baked Ice Cream

celeb i'd love to meet

The Jonas Brothers

Guilty pleasure

ASMR Youtube Videos and Smutty Romance Novels

alternate universe job:

Pastry Chef

favorite place i've been:

Costa Rica

drink of choice

A Pink Drink

can't live without

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

usually craving


beach vs mountains


favorite show to binge

Ted Lasso #futbolislife


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