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Ready to Level Up Your TikTok Game?

I specialize in making expertly curated TikTok videos for your brand account. This will take the stress of content creation off your marketing team as well as boost your social presence on TikTok.

Why TikTok?

TikTok and Short Form Video Are Here To Stay

TikTok is the fastest and most popular social media platform right now. Brands and creators that are creating there are seeing huge success. It's truly the place to be, and it's still an early opportunity to grow! 
But Why TikTok?

Brands that have a consistent face on their profile are seeing huge success and brand recognition.

TikTok is the platform with the most long-term potential.

TikTok users consume content in a way that feels personal and authentic.

Users on TikTok feel like they are in a community, not just consuming their favorite influencers pictures.

TikTok is influencing the culture around us with ideas, brands, videos and creators going viral

If you are involved in the TikTok atmosphere, you have a huge advantage over your competitors.

TikTok videos can easily be repurposed for other platforms, ads, email marketing, etc.

Users see real faces, hear real voices, and feel a much more personal connection.

Brands and Creators have a much larger chance for organic growth and going viral.

Sure, You Could Do It Yourself.

Sure, you could have members of your marketing team make TikTok videos on top of their already busy schedules. You could ask them to balance content creation and scheduling across all the platforms, and be in charge of learning what kind of content performs on TikTok.

Or you could hire someone who lives and breathes TikTok and who KNOWS the platform from bottom to top. Someone who knows how to edit videos, time them to trending songs, and how to engage across the platform. 

Wouldn't you rather hand off content creation to an expert, versus taking more time to learn another platform?

but let's be real.

Doing Your Own Social Media Content Totally Sucks.

Creating TikTok videos and other short form video takes time. It's time you don't necessarily have while you're growing your business.
What if the solution to your growth is right in front of you in the form of a TikTok nerd who wants to create for you!

So what if you didn't have to? What if you had a sweet, great solution that meet all your needs? What if it was super amazing?


RAE Media Custom TikTok Content Creation

The solution is right here, friend! Let me create the perfect TikTok videos for your growing brand.
Being on TikTok adds all the right social clout needed to influence the rising generation AND find your authentic audience. You will find your Ride-or-Die people through short form video!

Yes, please


We come up with the perfect plan for TikTok creation for your account; and all within your marketing budget!


I start to consistently create TikTok videos for your brand's account, and you watch your following grow!


Your brand becomes ultra popular, your social media presence grows, you reach a whole new audience, and you do a happy dance!


We’re Experts at Creating TikTok Videos That Connect.

As a seasoned TikTok Creator, I know what works, and what doesn't. Having a consistent face on your brand's TikTok is the key to growth and recognition within the platform. So let me be that face for you!


You’re Someone Who Needs TikTok Content.

We get it, you're a busy business owner who doesn't have the time to make videos on yet another platform. But you see the potential in your brand growing on TikTok, and you want to make that happen!

Don't you just wish that someone would GET it? Someone could create the kind of work that you'd do yourself if you had the time? Well.... great news.

With this service

You Will:

+ Hand off content creation to an expert

+ feel relief that you delegated

+ watch fun and authentic videos go live

+ GAIn an audience that loves you!

want something like that?

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Can't We Just Use Instagram Marketing Strategy on TikTok?

TikTok vs Instagram


TikTok and Instagram are totally different platforms, and the marketing strategies that work on Instagram aren't proving to work on TikTok.

Help Me Grow on TikTok!

The TikTok Algorithm is based on the interactions with content. It will show you what you have told it you like.

On TikTok, people resonate with seeing a recurring character in the content on the page. This is especially important for brands.

Using one consistent person (or a few consistent people) is the best strategy for growth.

TikTok users do not spend the time to "click over" to influencer's profile on a branded sponsored post. They are just interested in learning more about the brand on their own page.

The Instagram algorithm is based on the interactions of those in your network. It will show you what your friends or others like you have liked.

Using a variety of influencers who create 1-2 pieces of content is a popular method of growth.

Instagram users tend to “click over” to an Influencer’s profile to see how big their audience is on a branded sponsored post. The bigger the audience of the influencer, the more klout a brand will receive for featuring that influencer.


Want to see my TikTok Community in Action? Check out my personal TikTok account as well as RAE Media's content!