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Welcome to RAE Media!

Welcome to RAE Media!

November 1, 2021

I'm Lauren
I'm a woman of many hats: Wife, Mom of 3, Dog Lover, Scientist, and the Queen of Dresses. My true passion is to help other creators and brands find their real, authentic energy.
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Welcome to RAE Media! I’m so glad you are here!

RAE Media stands for Real Authentic Energy. I really wanted to name this company after my true passion…bringing authenticity back to social media. I think it’s important at the end of 2021 to go back to being ourselves and putting our true selves into our social media presence. This is why I created RAE Media.

A little more about me: My name is Lauren Richardson, and I’ve been an influencer and content creator since 2014, when I started my website Dressing Dallas. Even before 2014, I dabbled in the early days of Blogger, where I posted outfit pictures during college. I knew I loved to write, take pictures, create videos, and I knew being a “blogger” was something I would be good at. Fast forward to now…I still own my website (now renamed Lauren Virginia) and I still create content on my personal social channels! I love sharing about how to style a plus size body, beauty tips and tricks, travel, home decor and more!

Back in 2015/2016, tragedy struck my family. I had a miscarriage, then 5 months later I lost my brother to suicide. And then 5 months after that, I lost my sister to an asthma attack. Having so much tragedy strike in that short amount of time was earth shattering to me, and all of a sudden, all the surface level things on social media didn’t matter to me anymore. I went through years of mental health struggles while I tried to find a new normal after loss. All during this time, I really struggled to feel inspired by social media. It all was so fake to me, and I just was sick of the edited pictures and the fact that no one wanted to share real life. I thought my social media journey would end right then and there because I just couldn’t take it. I was about to press delete on my Instagram and Facebook channels.

Then I discovered TikTok in 2018 (when it was still Musically). I was really intrigued by this platform and the video content on there. Everyone seemed to be just having fun and being themselves. I was a passive user of TikTok for about a year while I enjoyed other people’s authentic content and feeling a sense of community on the app. I was beginning to like social media again. It was this time (end of 2019) that I decided to jump into TikTok and start creating videos. I immediately started being creative and having fun making videos and I saw my community of likeminded friends start to follow me. It was the first time in awhile I started to feel those creative juices flowing again!

Here we are, at the end of 2021, and I’ve been able to grow my personal brand (@laurenvirginiaco) to almost 200,000 friends, and I’m having so much fun sharing content there! I’ve been able to work with brands, posting about their products authenticity and unedited. The way social media should be! It’s been a whirlwind of a journey and it’s been so fulfilling. But I began to see a need in the marketplace that I thought I could help in.

I’ve seen brands start to jump into TikTok over the last year, because they started seeing how popular it’s getting. But I’ve also seen brands jump in and use curated videos that aren’t meant to perform on TikTok. Brands tend to struggle with this new world of TikTok, because it’s so different than Instagram and Facebook. So that’s where RAE Media comes in. I specialize in helping brands learn TikTok, what performs well there, and how to curate content for growth. There are 2 main ways I do this; first is to set up brand strategy sessions with me. This option is great to learn what you can do better on your account and how to grow authentically. The second way is to hire me to create that content FOR your brand page. By handing off content creation to a TikTok expert, you will be able to concentrate on other marketing tasks WHILE watching your TikTok account grow!

If you’d like to work with me, please contact me or email me at lauren@raemedia.co ! I would be happy to discuss the packages I have available! Let’s get your brand up and running on TikTok so you can take full advantage of it’s power!

Thank you so much for checking out RAE Media! Stay awhile, and be sure to subscribe to my TikTok, Instagram and Email List for free tips and tricks for Real Authentic Energy on social media.

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