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TikTok Growth Strategy vs. Instagram Growth Strategy

RAE Media- TikTok is not Instagram

November 16, 2021

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So what’s the deal with TikTok? Can creators and brands expect to use the same techniques to grow on both platforms? What works and what doesn’t for TikTok? Let’s dive into the differences and what I’ve learned in the past 3 years on TikTok.

To put the answer simply…no, Instagram doesn’t equal TikTok. The same techniques that worked for growth on Instagram when it was growing do not necessarily work on TikTok. Over the last few years, I’ve studied what is working on TikTok, and how it differs with what I’ve seen on Instagram. The good news is that I believe TikTok has a huge potential for growth for brands and creatives; even more so than the ever so popular Instagram!

So what is a general breakdown for how the algorithm works on both platforms?

RAE Media- The difference between Instagram and TikTok.

The Instagram Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm is based on the interactions of those in your network. It will show you what your friends or others like you have liked. When you use Instagram, you are primarily interacting with people who you have gone in and followed, and you primarily see their updates on your feed. If you scroll over to the discover page, you will then see accounts who are similar to those you follow, or content pieces you have interacted with. On Instagram though, most users just go through their personal feed and stories, which is people they already follow.

On Instagram, brands have used the technique of using a variety of influencers who create 1-2 pieces of content on their pages, and tagging the brand. Or they hire influencers to create content for their feed, and they tag that influencer. For brands, this has been a successful practice because it allows their name to get out there fast and are able to use audiences of Influencers to find their future customers. Instagram users tend to “click over” to an Influencer’s profile to see how big their audience is on a branded sponsored post. The bigger the audience of the influencer, the more klout a brand will receive for featuring that influencer.

Using a lot of influencers has been successful for brands and have allowed for great growth on Instagram. Now let’s dive into TikTok.

The TikTok Algorithm

The TikTok Algorithm is different from Instagram because it is based on the interactions with content. It will show you what you have told it to like. While you scroll through your For You Page, you will generally see content that is similar to previous content you have liked, saved, etc. Most TikTok users use the For You Page to view videos, versus the Following feed with the creators videos they have followed. This makes it so on TikTok, you are introduced to many new voices during your usage, as well as a creator or brands chance of going viral much higher.

On Tikok, people resonate with seeing a recurring character in the content on the page. If you study TikTok, so will notice creators that are super popular are constantly showing their face in their content. Users of TikTok resonate with following a story line of the same person on one account. This is especially important for brands to use as their strategy for growth. Using one consistent person (or a few consistent people) is the best strategy for growth. TikTok users no not spend the time to “click over” to an influencers profile on a branded sponsored post. They are more interested in learning about the brand through the single video along.

So, it’s safe to say that TikTok almost has an opposite strategy that Instagram for growth, which is why brands and creators should jump on this trend now! Brands especially need to find the right creator’s voice to showcase why they are awesome, and showing this same creator will help have massive growth on TikTok!

Do you have any questions or want a consult with me? Fill out your contact information here and we can chat TikTok strategy! Also, be sure to check out my services offered for TikTok content and more! I’d love to help your brand go viral on the hottest platform on the market!

What brands are you loving on TikTok right now? I’d love to hear your faves so we can break down their strategy for growth!

The difference between TikTok growth strategy and Instagram growth strategy for brands and creatives. Learn more at Rae Media.
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