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15 Ways to Showcase Your Business on TikTok

RAE MEdia- 15 Ways to Showcase Your Business on TikTok

November 21, 2021

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RAE MEdia- 15 Ways to Showcase Your Business on TikTok

It’s no secret that TikTok has helped many businesses explode over the last few years. Videos go viral, and they sell out of their products! What a dream right? I want everyone to experience that level of success, so I have put together 15 ideas for you to use TikTok for your business!

But why TikTok? Many feel that TikTok is just for teens and young adults. And that might have been the case a few years ago. But since 2020, many genres have developed on the app, and all ages are using the app. It’s now one of the most popular social media apps out there with BILLIONS of downloads and over 130 million active users in the USA! This article is a great breakdown of TikTok stats (stats as of September 2021). Chances are, you will find your perfect audience on TikTok that will LOVE your business!

The secret to making it big as a business on TikTok? Using the For You Page to your advantage! Since the algorithm on TikTok is ever changing, this means you can use specific hashtags and growth strategies to get on people’s FYP’s of certain niches. Once you land on that niche, chances are your ideal customers are there on the FYP looking for content like yours! Niching down and finding your category as a business on TikTok will help you succeed a ton!

Whether it’s a service or physical product, these ideas will help you boost your views, gain a following and help convert to customers! Experiment with these ideas to see what works the best for you on your account! You can even combine these and get creative! That’s the beauty of TikTok!

RAE MEdia- 15 Ways to Showcase Your Business on TikTok

Here are 15 Ways To Showcase Your Business on TikTok

1. Show Off How to Use Your Products

Share with the viewers in your niche HOW to use what you are offering. If it’s a physical product, share how to use it, when to use it, and why to use it. If it’s a service, share when your viewer would want to use your service and how to sign up.

2. Do a “Get To Know Me” Video About Your Business

Showing your followers and future followers more about you helps them to like, know and trust you. This will convert to a following and sales! People love to see the face behind the brand!

3. Do A Myth Buster Video debunking misconceptions about your product/niche/service

Every niche has some sort of myths behind it. Share common myths within your niche and share why they aren’t correct! Or how you can actually solve those issues!

4. Show Your Story With A Picture Slideshow of You Growing Your Business/How You got Started

People love to see throwback photos (especially if they are cringy!) so share your roots! Share any pictures/videos of you getting started and how far you’ve come! People love stories like that!

5. Use TikTok Ads to Boost Videos About Your Business

TikTok ads are a great way to boost your videos and get them seen by the right audiences. Once you sign up for ads, you can narrow down a target audience by niche and push your videos to them! This is a very powerful tool, so use it!

6. Do A “Day In The Life” Vlog Style Post Showing What You Do For Your Business

This is one of the most popular types of videos for businesses out there because it works. People love to see the behind the scenes of a business because it helps them feel more a part of your brand story! Show it often and make it raw/unedited!

7. Answer Some FAQ’s About Your Products/Services

This is a great way to create a series focused on your products and services. You can do a video per FAQ and quickly answer it for your followers. This is a fast way to create content that is meaningful!

8. Showcase Some Accomplishments You’ve Done In Your Business

Have you gotten an award? Been recognized somewhere cool? Share that experience! You can do so in a story time type post, or even show pictures/video! People love to cheer others on!

9. Interview Customers and Have Them Show Off The Products

Do you have local customers or clients? Ask if you can interview them for TikTok! This helps with driving recognition and klout as well as showing who is using your products!

10. Do a Video of You Packaging Up An Order For A Customer

This is a super popular type of video as well because it’s fun to watch! Share all about what your customer ordered and how you package your orders. People love seeing this process, so show it often!

11. Do A Best Sellers Video And Show Off Customer’s Favorite Products

Feature a best seller in one video. Go into an explanation of why it’s popular, how to use it, and why people love it! Each best seller can have it’s own TikTok, which makes it so you can create a lot of content around 1 idea.

12. Stitch Other People In Your Niche And Hype Them Up

Stitching and dueting people is a great way to reach other audiences! Find others within your niche and hype them up by dueting their videos! You’ll build a community and make friends with other business owners too!

13. Share Your “Why” And Why You Wanted to Create Your Business

Sharing a why is a very powerful way to connect with others. People love hearing the story of why you do what you do. Make it powerful, raw and real!

14. Share A Struggle You Have and How You Overcame It As a Business Owner

Everyone in business have struggles! So share what your struggles are, how you deal with them and how you make it work. This content inspires others to keep moving forward.

15. Add Value To Your Niche And List 10 Ways To Solve A Problem

Adding value in video is a GREAT way to rack up followers, likes, saves, watch time, etc! Do a video and talk about a few things within your niche that can solve a problem/products you love/etc. List videos are highly savable and people love them!

RAE MEdia- 15 Ways to Showcase Your Business on TikTok

Make sure to keep everything simple and keep working at it. TikTok’s Algorithm takes time to put someone into the correct niche, so your videos might not take off right away. And that’s ok! Keep adding value and keep showcasing what you love to do!

Do you want help in boosting your TikTok? Check out my services page to learn what I do and how I can help. Then send me an email so I can schedule a time to chat! Let’s get your account going viral in no time!

Which tip was your favorite? Tell me in the comments which you loved and why?

15 Ways to Showcase Your Business on TikTok- RAE Media
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