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50 Hooks to Use in Your next Viral TikTok Video

50 TikTok Hooks to help your video go viral - RAE Media

November 29, 2021

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TikTok is a short form video platform, which means that if you are taking too much time to get into the subject of your video…you are most likely going to lose the viewer. Want to know the best way to get views and likes on your TikTok videos? The secret to success is hooking your audience in to your video within the first few seconds, aka having a strong Hook. Today I wanted to share 50 of my favorite video hooks that have helped creators go viral on TikTok. I’ll share the first 10 more in depth in this article, and you can download the last 40 right to your mailbox!

So let’s get into it!

50 Hooks to Use in Your Next Viral TikTok Video

  1. Use a motion at the start of your video: Using a quick motion, effect on TikTok, jumping into the frame will catch a viewers attention and hook them into your video.
  2. Call out a problem: This could be any problem within your niche, and how you can solve it for your viewer. This adds value and will also increase saves and shares to your video.
  3. Call out your audience: This catches the right people to watch your video. Use phrases like “If you are a female business owner, stop scrolling.”
  4. Captions: Adding captions to your video is the simplest way to grab someone’s attention. People love to read along!
  5. Ask a question: Asking a question to your niche will help capture the right viewers and followers to your account. Plus, it starts a conversation in the comments section.
  6. Use emotions: Using emotions at the beginning is a great way to hook someone into watching. Using phrases with emotion like “I cried when_”, “The most excited I’ve ever been_” will help keep people interested in your story.
  7. Stitch someones content: Stitching someone’s video is a great way to add quick value to your page + allows you to add a little more detail. It’s also very eye catching to the viewer.
  8. The best _ I’ve ever done: This hook is a great way to introduce a story time. Fill in the blank to describe a situation, result, etc that you want to humble brag about!
  9. 10 (insert tool types) I wish I knew earlier: This is such a great hook to share value with your reader. Sharing free tools is a way to show people that you have knowledge to offer them!
  10. You need this free tool for_: Similar to #9, this is a great way to break down a singular tool you use in your niche. You can expand your content and talk about 1 tool per video.

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If you use any of these hooks, tag me @rae.mediaco on TikTok! I’d love to see your results in action!

50 TikTok Hooks to use in your next viral video. Check out RAE Media for more social media tips.

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